Mar 22, 2007


It's going to be a Million times better than this sketch-really. So, the sweater is started at the right bottom front and it is knit in one rectangle and ends at the left bottom front. The back is done by picking up stitches from the back of the collar (it's not really a collar, but it looks like one). The sides are sewn and the sleeves are knit separately and then sewn to the body. It will be very light and romantic.


Ruinwen said...

Wow I can really see how that lace you've been swatching will look...very exciting to see it take shape. :)

Angela said...

It took me a few read-thrus to picture the construction of your sweater, but I think I got it, and it seems like a really cool idea. It seems that if you plan the width of the lace rectangle carefully, you can use the construction to help keep the lace stretched out and display the stitch pattern nicely, especially on the back.

Julia (MindofWinter) said...

Lovely. We missed you Friday night. I hope that you're feeling better.