Feb 20, 2007

How to label your posts

I may be an optimist here, but I'm hoping that this blog will end up with lots of very active members. One of the reasons we are currently limiting your yarn choices is so that individuals can find useful information and inspiration specific to their project. If the blog takes off as we hope it does, it will be cumbersome for individuals to have to slog through the archives to find relevant posts. To make this easier, you can use Blogger's labeling tool to indicate the topic or topics covered in your post.

Labels should indicate items such as:

  • type of yarn
  • name of project
  • topic of post (sketches, swatches, hems, sleeves, etc)
  • milestones/status of project (finished, frogged, on hold, update)
  • other as relavant
Luckily, this is very simple. While editing your post, you will notice an area at the bottom with a field marked "labels."

Label field

Simply enter your labels here. Please type your labels in lower case for consistency. Separate each item with a comma.

For example, if your project is named, Joan of Arc and is worked in Denim, and you are discussing your swatches, your labels might be:
joan of arc, denim, swatching
Note that "joan of arc" is in lower case and that the other words are separated by commas.

Before you select your labels, though, it's a good idea to check all the other labels in use. For instance, we don't want to have the labels; "swatch," "swatching," and "gauge swatch," all referring to the same thing. Instead, you want all posts about swatching to be labeled identically.
To check the existing list of labels in use, simple click the "Show All" link next to the label field.

Click the link next to the label field to toggle the display of labels in use.

You can simply click the label you want to use, to have it appended to your existing list. Feel free to make new label, but make sure that you aren't creating unnecessary labels in the process.

Quickly get to your topic of choice from the homepage

From the homepage, you can click on topics that interest you and see all properly labeled posts.


Emily said...

Thanks for the tips! I just posted, I think at about the same time you were writing this, so I tried to apply a couple.

Janaki said...

Dear Julia,

Lovely patterns on your website!! Could you please help me get the patterns for marseilles pullover and mishka?