Mar 23, 2007

Hi everybody!

I am so excited to join the CAL. My name is Monica Brown, and I have been designing for about three years. My blog ( has photos of my designs to date. I both knit and crochet, so I am hoping to post both a knit and crochet design. For the knit sweater, I have been playing with the idea of knitting a sweater with two different weights of yarn. My plan was to use a finer yarn for a lace yoke and a heavy yarn for the sweater body. My original idea was to use Rowan Yarn's Cashcotton DK and 4ply. For the CAL, I have decided to try using Kidsilk Haze. I would double the yarn for the body to achieve the DK weight and then use a single strand for the lace. I am hoping to knit the sweater from the top down using Barbara Walker's "Seamless Set-In Sleeve" sweater design. Has anyone used this design?

For the crochet sweater, I plan to use Classic Elite Premiere. Again I hope to crochet it from the top down. I love the square neck, boxy blouses that I have seen in the stores this spring. So, I want to try capture that feeling with a crocheted sweater.

I hope to have my swatches and sketches finished this weekend, so I will have photos to post soon!


Ruinwen said...

Welcome. I look forward to seeing both your projects evolve. :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome--I'm using Kid Silk as well and I just totally LOVE this yarn.. Single or double it Rocks.

Marnie said...

Welcome aboard!
The seamless set-in is great and surprisingly easy to do. I think you'll love the results.

Julia (MindofWinter) said...

Welcome! I think that Kidsilk Haze is a perfect yarn for your first idea, and I'm also thrilled to have you on board team premiere! I checked out your site - cute stuff! - I'm determined to start crocheting, so I downloaded the pattern for your latest skirt to play around with as soon as I have some free time.