Mar 27, 2007

An introduction and my design

Ok this is try three on this.
Hello!!! I thought I would introduce my self and give you an idea of what I am trying to design.
My name is Denise Layman, I am a loom knitter by trade and am the author of Learn to Knit on Circle Looms.
I needle knit too, I do some knit for hire jobs for yarn companies, and some test knitting as well (one design by Marnie for SWTC) I also design loom and board knitting patterns, and edit the new e-zine Loom Knitter's Circle. In my spare time I homeschool my two oldest children while wrangling the youngest two as well as the dog and two cats; and some how keep them all fed and in generally clean clothes.

The Design.
I am not going to tempt fate a third time. So imagine with me if you will.. a long sleeve summer sweater.. with the sleeve seam on the top of the arm so that there can be openings left along it's length. A nice drapey sleeve, perhaps pointed at the wrist. Most likely a boat neck type neckline, and some ribbing that ends just below the bust.
That is what I am thinking. I have some Tahki Classic Cotton winging it's way to me, got it on a great sale... the color is not what I imagined but it's a good color for me.
I don't know yet whether I will attempt this in needle knit, loom knit or board knit. I will have to play with it when it gets here. If board knit I might play with a mesh type stitch pattern for the peice. Anyway I will save this now and then attempt to insert a picture. It seems everytime I try this IE crashes on me!
*OOOH I am so so smart... there is some add on causing my problems!!Off to figure out what it is while you all enjoy my sketch!


Anonymous said...

Me too with all of the problems-I look forward to seein your sketch (it sounds great)

Marnie said...

Welcome aboard and so nice to be doing something knit related with you again :)
Can't wait to see how this all comes together for you.
If you want to email me your photo, I can upload it for you. Just email me at the same email you sent the request to join before.

Hattie said...

Your design sounds great! I had an idea for something similar with the arms, and the pointyness. I can't wait to see how it goes.

Ruinwen said...

Welcome! Your idea sounds really lovely...and something I wish I had in my closet. I'm looking forward to watching your project taking shape. :)

Julia (MindofWinter) said...

Great sketch! For selfish reasons I want you to loom or board knit this, so that I can learn all about those techniques. I am definitely intrigued!

Joanna said...

I had a sweater with sleeves like that, and I loved it. (Then a few buttons popped off and I lost them, but that had more to do with bad craftsmanship than a problem with the shape.) It was perfect for summer evenings, because the sleeves provided warmth while still being open and letting air flow through. Knitting something like that is a great idea!