Mar 28, 2007


This is for another project, but I thought I would ask---DOES ANYONE HAVE 4 BALLS OF CALMER #460 DRIFT--because if you do I would love to buy it--I just thought if anyone had it and wanted to get rid of it this was a good idea, instead of going to a yarn shop...does that make sense to anyone but me? We could exchange as well I have several colors of Manos Wool, Crystal Palace Merino Frappe or Trendsetter Zucca. THANKS-Edna


Emily said...

Edna - No, I personally don't, but I found 4+ balls for sale on eBay here as a lot. Right now the bid is at $13.57US (GBP 6.90).

Julia (MindofWinter) said...

You might also want to try the swap boards on Knitty. They swap like mad there!

Anonymous said...