Mar 26, 2007

Splendour Sketch and Swatch

I started on my Kidsilk Haze "top down" sweater. I am using the bright magenta color, which is called Splendour. I think Splendour would be a splendid name for my sweater. I have a rough sketch of Splendour as well as a swatch (in little arrowhead). My design concept was to do a top down sweater with some sort of lace yoke in a single strand. The body would be double stranded in stockinette stitch. Right now I am trying to find a lace stitch pattern that would meet the following criteria:
1) Small number of stitch repeats (in case I want to design the sweater for multiple sizes).
2) Small number of row repeats (again in case I want to design multiple sizes).
3) Gauge of lace is equal to gauge of double stranded stockinette stitch (I want to be able to knit the entire sweater using the same needle just dropping a strand in the front).
4) The stitch pattern looks fine knit from top to bottom.

The little arrowhead lace may meet all these criteria, but I am not sure if it looks good single stranded? I wonder if I need a pattern with better stitch definition?

I also wonder if I need to have some sort of border between the stockinette stitch and the lace? I plan to cast on with a double strand work some short rows for the shoulders and then change to the lace pattern. Should I work a row of garter stitch to give the lace yoke more delineation?

Splendour Sketch
Splendour Sketch

Little Arrowhead Swatch
Little Arrowhead Swatch


Julia (MindofWinter) said...

Yum. I think garter or some other delineation between the stockinette and lace is a good idea.

The little arrowhead pattern is just delicious in that color.

Ruinwen said...

What a great color! I love your sketch. The arrowhead pattern is really lovely. I think some garter would give the yoke a nice delineation from the body of the sweater. :)

Monica Brown said...

Any thoughts on whether I should try to create a side (vertical) border on the sides of the lace?

Hattie said...

That is a fabulous color and the stitch pattern you chose is great too. Have you tried a more v-stitch patterned lace though? I'm seeing your sketch and it looks like you chose a little v pattern to represent your lace and it looks good on the sketch. I think that would be really cute too.

Monica Brown said...

Thanks for the idea! I will pull out the stitch "treasuries" tonight and see what I can find. The little arrowhead is sort of a V-shape, but with one strand it is hard to see the detail. I also realized I may need to flip the lace stitch in the sketch (since I am going top down).