May 25, 2007

Progress, woo hoo!

I finally got around to getting started with the Roadrunner pattern. I sketched out the original shirt and measured it.

I decided to do an edging on the hem, neckline, and sleeves, with the rest in stockinette. Plain stockinette is, well, plain, but it shows off the lovely fiber, Classic Elite Premiere in a pretty medium lavender color (#5207). I bought it at Webs, which of course has just about every color of everything, but this one grabbed me.

For the pattern, I chose something from Barbara Walker's A Treasury of Knitting Patterns: Open Star Stitch. I swatched for both the pattern and stockinette, and I was off!

(Warning: color is embarrassingly inaccurate!)

Just enough to give the hem a little texture and make it lie flat (as opposed to plain stockinette, which rolls).

(Color much more accurate here!)

Then I began the stockinette, and a gradual decrease on either side for a bit of waist shaping--nothing too dramatic, since this is supposed to be a t-shirt with some ease.

So that's my progress so far. I have a lot to think about: how do I make the pattern "curve" around a scooped neckline? How do I create cap sleeves with the patterned edging? Should the sleeves be separate, or should they "grow" out of the front and back pieces? Hmmm...more to come!


Ruinwen said...

I really love that edging! :)

EDNA HART said...

Very Nice.

Angela said...

What a nice solution for the edge--a very fresh alternative to ribbing or garter or seed stitch.

Julia (MindofWinter) said...

I love your sketch for this and I second Angela's comment on the edging treatment - it's fresh and finishes things perfectly!