May 4, 2007

I'm still here!

Even though I haven't been posting, I *have* been knitting.

The back and both fronts are done to the underarm. I stalled on doing the calculations for the sleeves for a while because the measurements I need don't fit neatly with repeats of the lace pattern. I considered scaling the lace down, so that each motif would be six stitches instead of eight, but I thought it might get muddy when I joined all of the pieces. I wanted an odd number of repeats so the lace would be centered over my hands, but three was too small and, while five will work for the upper arm, it would be much too wide at the wrists. So I'll keep the extra stitches at the sides in garter stitch and start additional repeats when I have enough stitches. I'm working on both at the same time so I can be pretty sure everything will match up.

I'm still enjoying the lace pattern, but I'm getting antsy to start on the yoke and see if it's going to work out the way I'm hoping.

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Ruinwen said...

Your motif is very lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing you piece it together. :)