Apr 13, 2007

Is simpler better?

Well, I think I have officially finished my cropped crochet cardigan in Premiere. It turned out to be very simple. I think I would like it a bit better if it had some more technical elements. It was my first top down crochet sweater so I think it was more of a test run for me.

I tried to add a bit more interest in the front and collar edging. But the more I fussed with the sweater, the worse it looked! I tried a corded edging in both the main color (brown) and a contrast color. Then I tried a half double crochet edging in the brown and as well as a contrast color. Next, I tried two rows of half double crochet. I ended up with just one row of half double crochet in the main color (brown)…not super exciting, but it just seemed simpler was better.

I did lengthen the sleeves a bit based on everyone’s opinion, and I think that looks great. Thank you for all your suggestions!

Cropped Crochet Cardigan

Now, I am questioning my yarn choice for my Splendour sweater. I would love to get everyone’s opinion. My plan was to knit a top down knit sweater. It would include some lace in the yoke area in a 4ply yarn or a single strand of Kidsilk Haze. The body and sleeves would be knit in Stockinette stitch with a DK weight yarn or a double strand of Kidsilk Haze. I was hoping to use Kidsilk Haze, so I could be a part of the CAL.

I am actually thinking about going back to my original yarn idea (Rowan Cashcotton 4ply and DK). I hope I am not breaking the rules but I have attached a photo of my initial swatch in Cashcotton and my swatch in Kidsilk Haze. I tried some other lace stitch patterns in Kidsilk Haze, but the Little Arrowhead looks the best as well as meets my my design criteria (small number of st and row repeats). Which one does everyone like better?

Little Arrowhead in Cashcotton 4ply and DK
Little Arrowhead Lace Swatch in Two Yarns Weights

Little Arrowhead in Kidsilk Haze
Little Arrowhead Swatch


Hattie said...

I like the stitch definition better in the top one. Maybe if you tried with a smaller needle in the kidsilk haze? It would be a little less lacy but I think it needs to be a bit tighter. Anyway that's just me

Anonymous said...

Your first project came out GREAT. The buttons give it the finishing touch. I think I like the Kid silk haze swatch better...but it's kind-a like apples and oranges because they both look good to me....

Angela said...

I think your cropped cardigan is really cute--would love to see a modeled pic. I agree with Edna about the swatches--they are quite different but both nice.

Julia (MindofWinter) said...

I love the final version. Can we get a modeled version and some final thoughts on it? I want to see you rock that little sweater!

Julia (MindofWinter) said...

P.S. I prefer the kidsilk, too, though both are pretty, and no, you aren't breaking the rules!

Ruinwen said...

Your sweater is so adorable!

I like the cotton better because the lace really stands out.