Mar 9, 2007

The Sophie Skirt

Well, here is my skirt thus far. I decided to name it Sophie, after my four year old daughter. She is such a sweet, feminine and sensitive little girl and this skirt is very feminine to me. When I was knitting this skirt I started thinking that she would love one too. So eventually I will knit her one and the perfect name is "Sophie".

After swatching I decided to go up a needle size for the lace portion of the skirt. I figure it would create more of the flair I was looking for and it also opened up the lace much more and I like that look better for this skirt. I did not know how many lace repeats I would do until I started knitting. I ended up knitting 1 1/2 repeats. The repeats ended with little "peaks". To pull the skirt in even more to create that "flair" I did a k3tog and then a k2tog on the next two right side rows. This created just the affect I was looking for and I was so pleased with the turnout.

I did the fun math to figure out the decreases and how to space them out. Because this will grow about two inches, I factored that into the pattern also. The skirt is looking a bit small and that is kind of freaking me out but if definitely grows two inches, I should fit fine.

I still have not fully decided what to do for the waist band. I need to play around with my swatch a bit. I want to do some sort of an eyelet waist band but I would also like it to somehow match the lace portion a bit. I am not quite sure how to accomplish that yet. If any of you have an ideas, please let me know!


Julia (MindofWinter) said...

It's so wonderful! I love the name. My little niece (also 4) is named Sophie, too. I hope that you'll end up publishing or sharing the pattern so that my Sophie can have one as well. Too pretty!

Marnie said...

Wow, she is looking great. I think any girl would be proud to wear that skirt.

Anonymous said...

I love your color choice--this is looking wonderful.

Dawn said...

I love the lace and the color is perfect for spring. Any chance of getting a closer view of the lace pattern?