Mar 10, 2007

Liz K's Introduction

It has taken me some time to clear out some projects in the queue, but I have begun my design project for the Create-Along. I have been so inspired by this idea and by the incredible ideas bouncing around here!

I am definitely growing into designing. I tend to be more of a radical modifier of patterns than creating something completely from scratch, switching out a neckline, totally changing an edging treatment, or combining two patterns into one garment. In previous attempts at design, I have gotten bogged down in math calculations and picky details, so I have learned to get projects on the needles and design from there.

Using the CAL's limitations, and my own desire to knit from stash, I am making a lacy camisole/tank for my 6 year old daughter, to wear as a layering piece over other cotton tanks, knit with Denim. I have lots of smallish quantities of leftover cottons in my stash, and love the idea of coming up with a sort of tank-template for her, with the idea of switching out lace patterns, bodice shapes or strap treatments as the inspiration hits. You know, design something to radically modify!

I began with my Stitch Pattern-A-Day Calendar, and quickly settled on using Fishtail Lace as the main design element. The big question was choosing a needle size, since I wanted the tank to be lacy enough for her under-tank to peek out of the holes without having that macrame plant holder look. This is always an added challenge in Denim, since the fabric can change quite drastically once washed. In anticipation of copious swatching, I purchased an extra ball of Rowan Denim and started with a US8 needle, knitted a swatch, then washed and dried it.

The plan is to knit several repeats of the lace for the bottom of the tank, and then transition into a mostly stockinette bodice, with two lace panels that will then transition into i-cord straps.

Miraculously, I was pleased with the fabric it created, and am ready to begin knitting on the actual piece. It may be a week or so before I make any further progress on the piece, as I am furiously trying to finish my wool Central Park Hoodie before the weather gets too warm to wear it!

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Marnie said...

I love the idea of using denim yarn, usually associated with solid yarns, meant to mimic, well, denim, but working it in lace instead. I think your swatch looks great and having the details transition throughout the piece, sort of like an Escher painting, is really cool.

EDNA HART said...

I like your description of the way the top will look especially bringing up 2 panels of lace--very nice.

Julia (MindofWinter) said...

The fishtail lace is lovely. Designing on the needles is actually a good way to go a lot of the time, too - enjoy a different process. The template idea is one I've had as well. There are certain shapes that we use again and again and its good to have those to work from. Marnie creates excel spreadsheets for a silhouette which are set up so that you can just pop in a different gauge and get new numbers automatically. Perhaps we'll have to nudge another tutorial out of her...

Angela said...

That stitch pattern is really lovely.