Feb 26, 2007


I have started my sketches. I'm skipping a gauge swatch because I have knitted using Tahki enough times that I have gauges written down using US needles sizes 5 to 8. I did decide to go ahead and order more Tahki instead of knitting with the three skeins that I have on hand. The colors that I wanted and the size of the garment demanded that I buy yarn (what knitter doesn't want for an excuse to buy more yarn). I wanted to do something a little more detailed and involved then a tank, that and I have knitted several tanks since arriving in perpetual summer. I'm actually deciding to work on two projects. I have ideas for a dress and footie pyjamas. The dress is my main focus. The pyjamas are more of an experiment, but I decided to do it in Calmer so that it can qualify for the knit along. G is old enough that we can no longer find footies for her. If I am successful I might even try to make some for myself (who doesn't love footies?!!).

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Marnie said...

Ooo footies would be SO FUN. I think calmer is a great yarn for it too, since it will stretch, so you don't have to put in as much vertical ease. I would look into finding some leather or vinyl to cover the bottom of the feet and protect the yarn

The tank should be very very cute too