Feb 26, 2007


I'm moving a little more slowly on this project than usual, as I am trying to take a moment to enjoy the process (rather than focusing on just getting it done and out the door).
With my lovely collection of Cotton Classic colors (say that ten times fast), I was certain early on that I'd be knitting my create-along piece in stockinette so I can focus on the color.
Then I saw this little number:

(Marios Schwab dress - photo swiped from style.com. All their rights reserved, etc., etc.)

For which I fell long and hard. While I am not feeling quite masochistic enough to try to recreate this exactly, I do think the color blocking (and neckline) are fabulous. Something of this garment will definitely be incorporated into my project.

1 comment:

Marnie said...

That IS a great design. I could see some pretty fun work with short rows with this, though intarsia would work great too.
I'm really keen to see how you end up approaching this.