Jul 4, 2007

When Hobbies Collide

When I'm not knitting, I like to play in the kitchen. And my two favorite things to do in the kitchen are to bake bread and make frozen treats...ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet.

So, what happens when a knitter becomes frustrated with mohair and wants to make some raspberry ginger sorbet?

On about row 8 of my daisy wrap (at approximately 200 stitches per row), I lost it. Mystery stitches appeared and I couldn't read the yarn to try and figure out what went wrong. And I wasn't about to try and tink mohair. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered reading that freezing mohair will help all the little fuzzies release each other. Since we have a side by side fridge, and a huge stock of frozen fish, frozen fruit and nuts from trader Joe's, the only room in the freezer was in the freezer can from the ice cream maker. The look on Geek Boy's face was priceless when he opened the freezer to find yarn there.

I did end up getting one more ball of KidSilk Haze in a pale pink color that complements the raspberry very well. I also decided to change the direction of my knitting on this. Rather than knitting across the shoulders, I decided to go length wise, fewer stitches would be needed, by about half. But, I miscalculated and it ended up too short. So, a time out for this project was in order.

Needless to say, I didn't get the wrap done in time for my sister's wedding (which was last Saturday). I plan to restart it this weekend. Rather than refreeze in order to frog, I'm sacrificing the small portion I knit to see how much a plain stitch will block out.


Ruinwen said...

Sorry to hear about your mohair malfunction. I'm sure some time away from it will give you a new perspective.

I've never heard that about freezing mohair...thanks for the info. :)

EDNA HART said...

YUM on the sorbet...Did the freezing work? Don't give up-a project can be like that...just like falling off a horse get right back on...

bookwoman said...

The freezing did work. I was able to *slowly* rip out all but the cast on row. And if you're a fan of making your own frozen treats, look up raspberry ginger sorbet on Cooking Light's website. It's very yummy.