Jun 27, 2007

Another Peanut Dress, aka Sarabeth

Cross-posted at A Little Loopy.

Nope, your eyes do not deceive you; it's another Peanut Dress...kind of. I know- I'm like a one woman tiny dress factory over here! Same Peanut Dress pattern, same occasion (1st birthday), however, whereas the PDs were made especially for my nieces, the Peanuts, this here dress was made especially for B's niece, Sara. How funny is it that both B's sis and my sis gave birth to their first babies within eleven days of each other?

Once I knew that the pattern worked and the first dress was in the can, I decided to roll out another one for Sara, time permitting (which it did). I wanted stripes, and wouldn't you know it, I adore this striped version as much as the others. All three dresses were knit with Classic Elite Premiere (love this yarn, I can't tell you), on US size 6 needles. I didn't plan out the striped pattern ahead of time. Rather, I let them unfold along the way. For all the improv, I think it turned out really cute, and as "balanced" as asymmetrical stripes can be (you know me- this is always a consideration).

A small modification: I lengthened this dress by about an inch to account for Sara's long legs. Although she is only 11 days older than the Peanuts, she is taller than them. (Sorry, 'Nuts, just keepin' it real.) ;) This mod should still allow for some growth over time, which was always the intension of these dresses. I mean, can't you see these as tops eventually over shorts or little people jeans?

Here's a close up of the stripey goodness. The colors represented in this photo are much closer to the actual colors. Happy, happy! Well, off to gift wrap this baby- Sara's party is on Sunday!

PS: I've been exhaustified by work lately, but I am planning to write out the pattern (legibly) and making it available a couple other sizes as well. Wish me luck...


Iris G said...

This variation is lovely, too! Good luck on your pattern writing;-).

Emily said...

Love the stripes!

bookwoman said...

I'm just getting caught up on things here and have to say, I love these dresses! They are absolutely adorable. Makes me wish my niece were still small enough to make one of these for her. Oh, wait, my cousin's got a little girl. Good luck with the pattern writing. I'll be waiting with poised needles!

Kinderhook said...

Are you going to make this pattern available to the public? If so, please let me be first in line! They are just adorable and my own little peanut is just the right age for me to start knitting one now. (First and only grandchild is 7 months old.) My email is sba13221 at flash dot net. I would LOVE to knit this. I volunteer to be a pattern tester even. Thanks. --Sally.