May 2, 2007

They are Here!

Hi, CAL'rs. Julia suggested I cross post, hope ya'll don't mind that they are not modelling my tank design...they are a bit wee right now. Hope all is well in the land of CAL and that you enjoy the pictures. I will get an action shot when they have grown a bit more.

Pounds gained during pregnancy : 37

Weeks of total bedrest: 12

Uterus measurement (pubis-fundus) : 43 cm

Combined baby weight : 11 #

Owen Alexander

Mason James :


They arrives safely and happy on April 24, 2007 @ 1116 and 1117 via C-section.
Happy and healthy, able to come home from hospital with Mama and Papa.
Falling in love every minute, times two, is an unbelievable experience.

Not one thing I knit fits them. Not one. Oh well, I will just have to knit for myself now. Haha.

We have more pictures up here and hope to just keep adding until they fit in their handmade knitties. Thanks to the folks out there that sent their thoughts and prayers our resulted in our joyful additions.


Julia (MindofWinter) said...

They are adorable! And even cuter in person. I am so lucky to have met them. Congrats again!
xox, J

Anonymous said...

What sweet faces! Congratulations!! As an aunt to twin babies, I can tell you they are a handful, but so much fun! So happy for you!

Ruinwen said...

Awhhhh what angelic little darlings. Congrats times two! :)

Angela said...


Liz K. said...

OMG. Gorgeous! Congratulations!

Marnie said...

thank you so much for sharing. They are lovely.

Emily said...

So sweet. Congratulations, Amiee.

Cher said...

So beautiful! Congratulations!

mames said...

thanks to my fellow knitty CALrs. i fell out of the loop a bit but wanted to share the two things that can usurp knitting in my life...but apparently not blogging. shhh...they are sleeping. :)

Sally said...

Holy crap, I can't believe you had TWINS and you only gained 37 pounds! You are amazing! They are totally precious, and they definitely belong on the Create-Along. ;o)