May 15, 2007

Less of a slacker than I appear to be.

Hello everyone! Despite the obvious lack of progress on my own creation (small bust godsend), I HAVE been working on Createalong projects, test-crocheting Monica Brown's Crop Cardigan. Since my server at home is down, I can't show photos yet, but suffice it to say that the pattern is so easy anyone with any crochet skills at all can do it, and I'm making it from Calmer, which is a perfect gauge match for Premier, at least according to my swatches. Lovely yarn, easy pattern... I should be finished in a week. Pictures to come, I promise!

And work on my own stuff now that I have some commissions out of the way and the Mother's-Day-Socks pressure is off. 3 pairs in about two weeks. hulllgggg....

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Julia (MindofWinter) said...

Yay! I can't wait to see all the versions of Monica's cardi! thanks for being a test-crocheter!