Apr 25, 2007

Kidsilk Haze?

I am just wondering if anyone has 2 or 3 stray balls of kidsilk haze in the same color that they would like to get rid of. I'm on a yarn diet so I can't buy anymore but I can trade! I have a shawl pattern I want to design in this type of yarn so I figured I would ask here before I go hunting elsewhere. :) I would prefer something dark like blue or red but really I don't care much. I can always get other colors later.

Thanks guys. :)


weaverknits said...

I have one ball in "Hurricane," a deep grey-blue. Not enough for a shawl, but perhaps a scarf?

rosegogh said...


Hattie said...

Yeah, I would need at least two, I've got a very specific design in mind, a triangle shawl, and I know I'd need at least two, three if I wanted it bigger. I love that hurricane color though.

And I've looked on destash but the orange ones she wants payment. There isn't anything else either.