Apr 29, 2007

Barmaid Top

Here are a few progress photos, I had frogged back quite a bit because of the short row mishap. I sorta tried it on when I frogged too and I think because of all the increases that short rows will not be necessary.

I have also figured out what I'm going to do sleeve wise. I have been fashioning this top after a sort of image they always have of girls in old time movies, in the bars with the corset type tops over a poofy white shirt. Usually those girls are barmaids. So in honor of that I've named this the barmaid top. Anyway I did some picture research on what those shirts generally look like and they are almost always pretty low cut and have some sort of frilly or poofy sleeve. Soooo I am going to try binding off part of the sides and casting it back on for an opening. Then after the top is bound off I will reattach (at the underarm perhpaps) and make the sleeves. I'm still not sure EXACTLY what I'm doing but I've got two or three versions I'm going to sketch out and see what looks best. I'll keep you all posted!


Ruinwen said...

I can't wait to see what your sleeve ideas look like. I think taking out the short rows gave you back a lot of femininity to the bust part. It seems to flow much better now. :)

Angela said...

Barmaid top is a great name--I can totally picture what you are describing. Sounds & looks like it will be very cute (sexy-cute, not baby-cute).