Mar 16, 2007

Stitches and Spiders

I finally got my Tahki the other day and I've been fiddling with it ever since. For now I have decided to omit the Kidsilk because after knitting some of it I decided it was too frail to survive G. It might come back into play later depending on if I have enough to use two strands and get what I want with what I have. I might have to order more.
I've started by casting on over 400 sts for just the front half. After 8 rows I do two rows of k2tog to make a ruffle. My inspiration is coming from a white dress that G already has (it looks fabulous on her). At that point I work a lace repeat, but I haven't gotten to that yet. I want to use a lace pattern found on Knitty (I Do Shrug lace pattern), but it causes the piece to make waves and I don't know if that will work or not. I may just have to make one up on my own or go searching for the perfect lace to make a "band" before continuing in St st. I wish I could supply pictures, but my camera is MIA. Last time it went missing I found it a few weeks later with a bunch of new pictures, including the ceiling, a weird blur and an extreme closeup of my son's left nostril.
I know this isn't related, but I thought the world should be warned. There are big bugs in this world. HUGE bugs. I have seen lots of bugs since I have been here and I was warned about the roaches. I wasn't really worried about that because I used to live in SC and everyonce and awhile a huge roach (aka Palmetto Bug) would make it's way into the house and chaos would ensue. If alone I could summon up the courage to kill it myself (for my kids of course), but if hubby was home I would shriek like a sissy girl and hide in the farthest corner of the house until he disposed of the thing. I wasn't prepared for what I saw the other day. It was a spider. A HUGE spider!!! It was the size of my hand and looked like the face hugger from Alien!!!!! MY HAND!!!!!! What would you do? Would you chance trying to kill it? Luckily the gate guard is the only one that has to figure out the answer to that question. I know I'd leave it alone because what if I missed? If it came at me you could just call me "Twitchy" the rest of my life. And if it touched and part of my body I would just have to kill myself because I couldn't live with the memory of that. Bluuuahhhhhhhh!!!! It makes me shudder. I've been shuddering for two days now whenever I think about it. I looked it up and found it at
It's the fourth picture down and yes the one I saw was about 7 inches in diameter too. Look at that picture and shudder....I mean see for yourself. Creepy!!!


Anonymous said...

I feel your Camera Pain--thanks for the mention of working with two strands of the Kid Mohair which I totally didn't think of. I am using the Kid for my design and am going to try a swatch doubled.

Ruinwen said...

Your project sounds interesting. I will look forward to watching it take shape. I hope you resolve your camera issues soon!


Julia (MindofWinter) said...

Dude, I hear you on the spiders. We have a black widow infestation (okay, I've only found two, but in my book that is an infestation) near our trash cans outside. Zosia nearly stepped on one the other day, and I shrieked at her to make her get out of the way while I mercilessly maimed it with a can of dog food. I was terrified. I usually don't kill spiders - in fact I can never remember killing one before - but I was too afraid to let this one live. Needless to say I am not entering our garage unarmed. I'm also calling a freaking exterminator.

The project sounds great. I think you may want to find a lace that works better in a band, but you can always give the "I do" lace a whirl and then rip if it is uncooperative. Keep us posted!