Mar 5, 2007

Late to the party

Hello all, my name is Angela and I've been designing knitwear for about a year and a half now, and blogging here since November '05. If you'd like a peek at some of my designs, there are several free patterns (and several non-free ones) on my blog. Allora. (That's Italian for something like "OK, well then." My husband and I moved our family from Boston to Lake Como, Italy last September, for two years or so.)

Yes. Anyway, I've already read some great posts on CAL, and I'm looking forward to posting about my design process, but first things first: The Yarn. I've used Cotton Classic and appreciate it for its stitch definition, huge palette of colors, and durability, but at the moment I' m preferring cotton blends--lighter and more resilient than all cotton. I'm using Premiere right now for a project (non-bloggable--but it's over half done already anyway, and that would sort of be cheating?!), and loving it. I don't do mohair, so the Kidsilk Haze is right out, and the Denim--intriguing, but some other time. Now the Calmer--I've read many comments about using it, pro and con, and I've been wanting to try it. So here it is: Premiere, or Calmer? And now I need some help, because I'm going to have to order the yarn online; regrettably, there are no LYSs here which carry either one.

Premiere: Color 5271, Jasmine. Is this a PALE pink, as it appears on the Classic Elite website, or is it pinker in real life? And what about 5235, Key Lime? Would it go with the earring at left?

Calmer: Color 488 Sugar, vs. 482 Powder Puff. On the Rowan website, "Sugar" would be my first choice, but on other sites, the colors look totally different. I want to avoid a pastel pink. On the Rowan website, Color 463 Calmer looks like it might go with that earring, but on the other site, it looks too teal. ("Calmer Calmer?" Shouldn't they just call it "comatose"?) The other Rowan blues and greens don't look like they would work for me.

So, if anyone who has seen these yarns in person could point me in the direction of a pale, almost neutral pink, OR a pale aqua or green (see photo!), I would be grateful. I'm itching to get my yarn and get started.


Julia (MindofWinter) said...

I've seen the Premiere 5271 Jasmine and I think it qualifies as a pale pink. The Premiere seems to come in a muted color palette which sounds like what you are looking for.

If I remember correctly, the Calmer Calmer is a bit brighter than what it looks like on the website. I would trust the other site you linked to more than Rowan's site for color accuracy. At least on my monitor their colors are often a little off.

I hope that is helpful, but I have to admit that I am a little biased - I want a team mate on team premiere!

Anonymous said...

Welcome--Well, I have a ball of Rowan #482 Powder Puff and I would say it is a true medium pink. I LOVE your Jewelry and the earrings you are kniting for are beautiful. I look forward to your project.

Joanna said...

Hee, I love the idea of matching yarn to earrings! I haven't seen any of the colors you mentioned in person, though, so I'm of no help there. I've seen your designs before, specifically the Chinese Lace sweater, which is GORGEOUS - I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Liz said...

I've used the classic elite premiere jasmine and it is a clear but pale pink. I ordered in on line and it was actually lighter than I was expecting.