Mar 1, 2007

Moving along

I ordered my Tahki and Kidsilk today. Woohoo! It should be here by the week after next since it's already Friday here. Until then I'm still looking for a good place to buy some Calmer for my back up project (and waiting to see if I need anything else for my dress project) and was momentarily sidetracked by a delivery of some yummy Farmhouse Lumpy Bumpy (it looks and feels just as soft as it did online) and some Addi's US 9!It's so great to get new Christmas. Sweet!
Meanwhile I'm still trying to decide on how I want to do the skirt and have come to a conclusion. I'm going to knit the Haze as a large rectangle in lace and then join using a gather at the waist to the Tahki portion of the skirt. Then I'll pick up and knit around the waist and knit up to make the top of the dress. Nice in theory and I can't wait to see if it'll work out. If not I have a few alternatives, but there it is. Can't wait. I'm so excited I could dance a jig!

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Julia (MindofWinter) said...

Your concept sounds really interesting and unusual. Will the skirt be sheer with a shift under it, or will you use several strands of kidsilk to make it more opaque?