Feb 20, 2007


Hi, I'm Emily. I'm posting partly to introduce myself and partly to describe my plans for the project. I blog, normally, at thelovelyemily.blogspot.com.

I'm lucky enough, with this project, to have the yarn already - I have eight balls of black Calmer in my stash, and two balls of khaki, which I probably won't use (does anybody want two balls of khaki Calmer? Seriously - I'll give them to you, I got them for next to nothing.) I'd like to make a zip-up sweater modeled partly off my favorite zip-up sweatshirt:

American Apparel's California Fleece Zip Jogger. I own two of these and I'd like to try a sweatery, "Calm" version. I actually have a pattern for it (sort of) from Rowan #37, called Hike, but the pattern isn't exactly what I want. I plan to make big changes to it - maybe use some of the directions in it, but exclude certain elements (front pockets, for instance). I hope that's all right.

I've designed things before, but not a sweater. There are lots of things I don't like about the way Rowan patterns are normally set up - I hate knitting sweaters in pieces, for instance. So this is going to be a Zimmerman-type sweater, knit in one piece.

Anyway, nice to meet you all, and I'm looking forward to hearing more from you about your plans for the project.


Marnie said...

Yay, another member of team Calmer :)
I'm actually working my project in the khaki calmer but I have oodles so I'll leave your generous offer for someone else.
Reworking a favorite wardrobe piece with references to an existing pattern is similar to how a lot of people design their work, so proceed ahead. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

mames said...

hi emily, i just read your post on the new CAL and saw your offer for 2 balls of calmer...i would love to swap with you as i have some brown berocco for knitted handwarmers...check them out at mamieknits.blogspot.com. let me know what you think. i want to try to design a baby vest with the calmer and should not be buying any more yarn right now. thanks.

Emily said...

Hi Mamie-

I saw your handwarmers and they're lovely, but I don't really like brown. So I'll pass. But anyway the offer of the khaki Calmer wasn't a swap offer, it was just: If you want it, it's yours. So how about this: I'll send it to you, and if you want, you can reimburse me for shipping when you get it? Does that sound fair?

I'm actually going to the post office today, so if you email me your address at emily dot g dot schneider at gmail dot com, I'll send them today. (I double-posted this comment at your blog as well to assure you get it.)

And don't feel like you have to give me something in return. I'm not that kind of person.


Julia said...

Hey Emily! Great idea. I designed the hoodie in the Knit Cafe book to fit like my favorite old sweatshirt from the gap and now its my new old sweatshirt. I wear it a lot and love it. Using pieces from your wardrobe for fit is a great way to start.