Feb 20, 2007

Hi Everyone

I just wanted to go ahead and introduce myself. My name is Lara and my blog is Yarn It. I have been knitting for almost two years and love it. I designed a sweater for my daughter this winter. It was a simple top down and it didn't turn out anything like I imagined. Not even close. Needless to say, it was a learning experience. I just didn't go about the design process the right way.

I am anxious to see everyone's creative process as they design their knits. I plan on using Rowan Calmer. I am currently knitting a Rowan pattern with it and I love it. I bought it on ebay today and hope to have it sometime next week. Once I have it in hand and have made my swatches I will share with you what I have planned. Until then, I look forward to seeing you what all of you come up with!


Marnie said...

Hi Lara, and welcome. You obviously have a real spirit to design. I can't tell you how many pieces I've designed that have come out entirely differently than I expected, sometimes with good results, sometimes with disastrous ones.
Hopefully, this community can help you achieve your expectations, but even if it comes out a little different than you expected, just know that it happens to even the most seasoned designers.
Your daughter looks great in the piece you made, by the way.

Julia said...

Hi Lara! I'm just going to echo Marnie, and say that sometimes you get what you want and other times you don't, but you'll always learn. I don't know if there is a right way to design, but there are little tricks that help, and hopefully we can all learn from each other here.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you are only knitting 2 years--What a sweet daughter.