Feb 25, 2007

Here in Guam

Well I would say this is my first bit of blogging, but I made a blog in order to be able to join in here (I just went ahead because it was easier at the time while two toddlers were screaming in my ear and the kids in the video game saying " Get the balloons monkey" over and over again!!!!!! Curious George). I'm hoping to spread my wings a little here. I have modified patterns in the past to fit my daughter, G, and I made a simple roll neck, drop sleeved sweater for my son, W, without a pattern. My recent creation was a tank top for G to mimic the one that I saw here in the Ralph Lauren Duty Free store. I was restricted to using LionBrand Microfiber because it was the only thing that I had AND there is no LYS here on-island. I have to search online for all my knitting needs. I haven't figured out what I want to knit yet. I have three skeins of Tahki Cotton Classic and I've settled on three different ideas. Seeing as I have no clue when it comes to calculating the needed yardage for a project, I'm currently trying to decide which of the three designs will matchup with the amount that I have on hand. I am considering just swatching some of what I have and then ordering more and maybe combining with some Kidsilk in a contrasting color. I just have to find a online store that will deliver here AND carries Tahki. I'd also like to find a store that has Calmer since I have heard it's yummy to work with and would like to try my hand ( I have a chemo cap project that uses Calmer). I was happy to hear this may stretch to September because it may take that long for me to decide on something and make sure that I have all the yarn, needles and what nots that I need ( I'm bad with commitment......I can't tell you how many times I have started and frogged an entire project over and over again!)
By the by any one have any ideas for what to do with a linen/cotton blend ribbon, sport weight?

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Julia (MindofWinter) said...

Welcome Sam! I cannot wait to see the FO shots from Guam. I'm glad that we inspired you to start a blog as well. The on-line knitting community is great fun!