Feb 21, 2007

Buttons and Banners on Blogs, oh my

We finally have ourselves a little header at the top of the blog, and until someone comes up with a better design (hint hint) it'll stay.
Here's a little button that I hope you'll each take a post on your blog with a link back here.

If anyone else wants to come up with some cute buttons, please feel free. We obviously have a wealth of creativity out there. I'll post any buttons you create, on the sidebar, so other may use them as well.


Knittah said...

Not that you need more to do, but wouldn't it be cool if you and Julia podcasted this journey?

Julia said...

Aren't you just the little instigator? :) One step at a time, grasshopper!

Emily said...

I kind of like the '50s-ness of it, the silhouette of the woman in particular.